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Who is Cullen Royle?

Cullen Royle is a boutique property agency created by Deborah Cullen and Richard Royle. They have over 30 years of collective experience and have been responsible for some of Australia’s most notable country and prestige property transactions. They offer their clients the highest level of care and customer service which is evident through their repeat client base and personal referrals. Cullen Royle is not bound by restrictive corporate and franchise models so they can provide their clients with independent advice and bespoke marketing based on their clients needs.

— wealth of experience —

With 30 years of collective experience in country and prestige residential property and long-established relationships, we know the market and what our valued clients want from a property advisor today.

We specialise in the divestment of luxury residential, lifestyle and country estates.

Our Sydney-based agency assists local and international clients in the high-net-worth sector with all their prestige property requirements across Australia.

We have combined our databases of luxury lifestyle and agricultural assets to offer our clients a unique mix of different and unusual properties.

We offer the best in class service.

As an independent agency, Cullen Royle has the flexibility to work in a non-biased private advisory role for our clients. We work alongside complementary industry experts to bring the most skilled and creative minds to the table and ultimately provide a ‘best in class’ service.

We look forward to partnering with you and creating more success stories – this is what inspires us to do what we do.

— our team —
— Principal —

Richard Royle
M: 0418 961 575

“I have a deep passion for the land, its people and being anywhere on the water. Working between the city and bush allows me to appreciate Australia’s greatest gifts.”

Richard specialises in the divestment and acquisition of rural, agribusiness and prestige country estates.

Richard has been a Stock and Station Agent and Real Estate Agent for the last sixteen years. During that time he has represented some of New South Wales most prominent rural properties and high-profile clients.

The last eight years, prior to Cullen Royle, Richard was a director of CBRE Agribusiness and Colliers Agribusiness which were both based in the company’s headquarters in Sydney.

Richard specialises in the sale and marketing of assets which require a higher level of care, confidentiality, due diligence, reporting and detailed communication.

Richard’s extensive referral network is testament to his skill and ability to communicate effectively across all levels.

Richard personally manages all aspects of the sale process, from paddock inspections to marketing and asset presentations.

— Sales Executive —

Karen Bordignon
M: 0458 281 122

I am wholly focused on the client’s needs and am experienced in anticipating and managing any barriers to maximising a property’s potential. Ensuring my client’s feel supported throughout the sales process is where I excel.”

A determined negotiator, Karen’s understanding and insight into both greater Sydney and rural markets guarantee she achieves superior results. Her friendly and relaxed manner is complemented by her ability to easily engage with all stakeholders involved in the sale of lifestyle and commercial property.

Having grown up in the Southern Highlands, Karen began her working life in the financial markets firstly in Australia, and then in Europe. Her roles included foreign exchange broker, international currencies trader as well as representative for Dow Jones, selling Telerate products to senior executives at major financial institutions such as Citibank and Bankers Trust. She was also instrumental in the start-up of Swiss Telephone Company’s Financial Pager Network.

Throughout her time in Europe, Karen bought, developed and sold property in the United Kingdom, Spain and Austria.

Karen is delighted her career has now developed into dealing with some of Sydney, and rural NSW’s, most prestigious properties and with local, national and international clientele.

Karen currently divides her time between the Eastern Suburbs and the Southern Highlands, where she is both a commercial business owner and also designing and building a dream lifestyle property of her own.

— Director —

Deborah Cullen
M: 0401 849 955

“The longstanding relationships I have with my clients is front and centre of how I work. Trust, discretion and privacy are paramount to how I do business to represent my clients best interest.”

Deborah works mainly by personal referral and repeat business. Having a long and successful history in client facing businesses she understands how important it is to listen and seek to understand exactly what her clients are seeking to find in a property or changes in their portfolio.

Working alongside trusted professionals in the family office, private banking, insurance and accountancy sectors, it is all about striving to achieve the best outcome and advice for her clients and their families.

The joy of working in the lifestyle and experience style properties evokes the art of storytelling on an everyday basis. Each property is different and therefore should be represented in a creative and bespoke fashion. Deborah is always striving for new and cutting-edge ways to engage interest in her properties whether they are through active or passive opportunities.

Working on a daily basis with global partners, she ensures that each property is showcased internationally to seek out the perfect new custodian for each estate, no matter where they currently reside.

With a passion for luxury real estate and in particular country and coastal homes, Deborah enjoys the challenge of buyer profiling to seek out those who might not have considered a lifestyle property purchase yet as well as those on the hunt already. This is a science of sorts and it is an exciting way of working in property in 2020. This year has proven you can never presume to assume where people now want to live and work.

Deborah has over 15 years of experience selling beautiful luxury homes in Sydney and regional areas. She is a fully licensed real estate and stock and station agent.



The bespoke marketing campaign together with the messaging and imagery of our very special home was second to none and resulted in a select group of buyers completely engaging in buying a luxury heritage penthouse in a market that has been subdued but starting to improve.

Mr and Mrs O’Reilly

— At Your Service —

– lifestyle properties –

At Cullen Royle, we represent some of the finest lifestyle properties in Australia. These properties may reside in city, country and coastal locations but all showcase one constant theme. They are luxury in design, architecture and location. They represent family, health and wellbeing and most importantly, they are the emotional centre of our clients lives.

Our clients are high net worths who appreciate properties featuring bespoke architecture, unique and interesting locations and are not bound by any state or country.

Privacy, confidentiality and discretion are the backbone of our business and an essential process of how we work.

In marketing these properties, we ensure that each campaign is bespoke in nature to truly reflect the experience and character of the residence. It is all about engaging storytelling. We work alongside some of the most talented visual storytellers in the marketplace. A strong digital representation is essential as our buyers may be located anywhere in the world. At Cullen Royle we ensure that each property can be seen by an actively seeking audience as well as a passive one.

2020 was the beginning of a new trend with our clients shifting their focus to properties offering a family sanctuary or getaway residence with room to accommodate multiple families.

A new ‘work from anywhere’ lifestyle has provided an opportunity for our clients to assess locations that would have been otherwise considered just holiday destinations for part time stays. Now, everything excitingly is on the table to assess and explore.

– acreage & rural properties –

Cullen Royle was created to enable Richard and Deborah to work independently of corporate and franchise constraints. Our individual clients have expressed a desire for a more personalised and authentic service with an emphasis on detail and commitment from its owners.

Their concerns resonated with us too and we wanted to be able to freely express our client’s assets by focusing on their property’s individual characteristics and uniqueness, without compromise.

We also noticed that a lot of our shared clients had diverse property portfolios which include city and county assets. Our strengths in both of these asset classes are unique in the Australian market and offers our clients a world class platform.

We have combined our extensive experiences and knowledge in selling rural assets and high-end residential properties, which require a high level of bespoke marketing and customer focus to create Cullen Royle.

Richard and Deborah look forward to discussing your requirements or personal projects.